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How to integrate analysis findings in documentation systems, improve information flows and enhance your support channels.
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Whether it be complex projects or new system implementation, your business has undoubtedly considered the question of how you can do business faster, better and more cost effectively than before. Business analysis is a methodology which will help you understand your business processes better and allow you to identify and remove aspects which are not adding value to your work or customers. The process focuses on your customer's needs and gives you an opportunity to better meet those needs by adjusting your services and work flows.

The benefits of doing business analysis can result in unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction, productivity improvement and profits. Regardless if you employ one business analysts or choose to contract a team of many, the documentation load which will be placed on your operation will be immense.

Correct documentation strategy and management is vital in ensuring that the information which is captured from your analysis is presented clearly and retains appropriate value for future reference. Analysis will be an input to future planning and specifications so its important to ensure that the authors understand and represent technical aspects concisely and accurately. At IDS we use our own delivery framework to ensure customer success and on-time results.

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IDS staff have many years of experience in working with analysis teams to create and manage documentation deliverables associated with business analysis. Our writers and staff are competent analysts which will ensure they can assist and provide you with the right kind of solution.

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We can perform business analysis on your documentation projects or work with your engineering teams to ensure the required information is captured and managed effectively. Our staff are experts at working within engineering businesses and can ensure that you receive the right kind of documentation and advice.

Compiling and writing of reports or specifications.

IDS can work with your analysts and provide documentation services to capture and represent the information flowing from your analysis efforts.

Documentation management .

We can consult or put systems into place which ensure that all documentation assets are properly managed and captured.

Insufficient know-how or resources.

We can provide the needed resources or staff, assist in recruitment or consult with you to get you up to speed.

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