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The benefits of working in a more transparent, open and direct relationship with clients.

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A fresh approach to ICT contracting

In our dealings with industry clients and peers, we continue to come across good people with skills that are often difficult to source or retain. Many of these peers do not wish to work permanent or full time roles.  Be it for reasons of variety, work/life balance or remuneration, a lot of good professionals choose to happily work under contracts and wouldn't even consider a full time position.

Common across many contract professionals has been feedback such as:

  • "There is no-one who proactively helps me in finding suitable work."
  • "My agent doesn’t understand what I do or my capabilities."
  • "I don’t know how much I’m being on-sold for to clients."
  • "My agency doesn’t appear to value my contributions."

Have you ever wished there was a different a way of working? Well, there is. In 2013 IDS established a peer membership group that is focused on finding work for like minded individuals. Different to a standard recruitment agency, Contract Members Australia is a peer network initiative that sets out the following goals.

  • Sharing and reinvesting profits to generate and establish work opportunities for network members.
  • Minimising the agency fees & commissions often hidden from contractors.
  • Fostering respect between industry peers.
  • Transparency in cost or commission structures.
  • Being able to push the envelope in terms of earnings potential.
  • Sharing knowledge and skills throughout the member network.

Intelligent Document Solutions is a Brisbane local accredited supplier for the Queensland State Government (under SOA PTD0033-15).

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