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How DMS or CMS can be integrated or established within single source environments to maximize efficiency by reducing duplication and costs.
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Regardless of your project size, how do manage your documentation in order to avoid lost productivity, documents and time? Consider the cost involved in searching for documents or the implications if items are irretrievably lost.

Documentation Management Systems (DMS) are an integral part of any organized enterprise which takes its digital assets seriously. A DMS is a solution that tracks and stores your documents and information such as metadata for indexing and searching. These systems are often complementary to a Content Management Systems (CMS) or digital asset management strategy and can work in harmony with established procedures inside your organization.

Cost vs. Scale

A common misconception is that a DMS will cost too much money. The implications of the wrong type of DMS can have this affect, and it's precisely the reason why your organization should consult an expert for the design and implementation of such a strategy. A good DMS solution will be an asset to your business and will generally pay for itself by avoiding the costs associated with keeping unmanaged documents.

There is of course no point in purchasing an enterprise class DMS if you're only managing small volumes of documentation. The balance of solution cost versus scale of business needs to be carefully established. It isn't always necessary to purchase or build a custom DMS and a planned methodology or implemented strategy to document management can be just as effective.

Consult with the Experts

IDS consultants are experts at analyzing your documentation deliverables and providing advice on how to best manage those assets effectively. We work with you to ensure that a cost effective method is put in place to provide you with the right kind of solution.

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We can analyze your current systems and your documentation assets, then provide you with advice on the best type of DMS to integrate. Depending on scale, our consultants can also develop a management system or methodology for you.

Disparate systems that need to be combined or centrally managed.

Over time, old and new systems can grow apart and become a costly management nightmare. Our experts can assist in analyzing your situation and find a solution to ensure your assets are cost effectively managed.

Insufficient know-how or resources.

We can provide the needed resources or staff, assist in recruitment or consult with you to get you up to speed.

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