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How training services can not only get your staff skilled up on new technology but also provide input to your documentation cycle.
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When it comes to technical communication and the surrounding technologies you will have no better business partner than IDS to provide you with solid and dependable advice.

Technology moves quickly and its not always easy to keep up with the latest developments and trends. Whether you need our help with software, hardware, or to suggest better and smarter ways of doing your documentation, we're there to help you get onto the right path.

Trust in our Experience

IDS staff have a wealth of knowledge which we can share with our customers. We understand your needs and can offer the right kind of solution.

Your Needs .. IDS can help..
Software or tools evaluation and advice.

If you've seen it in the market, we've probably worked with it. Tools and technologies are our business so we can advise on the right ones to suit your business.

Advice on documentation.

IDS are technical documentation experts and we can advise you on every aspect within your business, from formats or distribution methods to development methodologies and technologies, we're there to help.

Looking at an old problem from a different angle.

Sometimes old problems or processes can seem insurmountable, but our experience lets us look at existing problems and approach them from different angles. We're always confident of finding a solution to fit your needs.

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