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How to manage your documentation assets so that sales or support information automatically flows back to your product documentation.
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It's no secret that your sales people depend on a professional marketing support package to drive your business. Ask yourself though, how much effort and planning has gone into ensuring that key product or service messages translate right through your documentation chain from engineering specification to user documentation, product brochures and white papers?

In order to avoid your sales and marketing efforts separating themselves from your engineering and documentation sections, you have to implement a system that facilitates information flow through your business. Good marketing materials will enforce the key product features and messages that are found in your engineering, support and user documentation.


A key aspect of professional sales kits is the ability to consistently enforce the same messages as your other documentation. Common reference to items such as part names, features or services need to be communicated in the same manner each and every time. If a part on your product is labeled "Stop Button", your user guide calls it an "Emergency Button" and your marketing brochure calls it a "Safety Button", then your customers and even your staff can quickly end up confused and frustrated.

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IDS staff have over a decade of experience in creating and managing marketing content of all shapes and sizes. Our consultants are experts at quickly developing the right kind of materials and marketing kits to provide your sales people with consistent and professional materials.

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We can develop sales and marketing collateral from the ground up, working from prototype or specification requirements. Our experts can organize everything from product photography, right through to production and management of sales support items such as brochures, data sheets, handouts and white papers.

Marketing materials within tight deadlines.

IDS realizes that time to market and product development can be a close fought battle. Our team and staff have become experts at creating content within tight deadlines and ensuring that your sales channel is supported on time with quality deliverables.

White papers to discuss and promote new product.

Our technical authors are competent engineers in their own right and can quickly understand complex technologies and products. We can develop discussion or white papers that enforce your key product messages, tie in with your user documentation and support your sales cycle.

Insufficient know-how or resources.

We can provide the needed resources or staff, assist in recruitment or consult with you to get you up to speed.

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