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How instructional materials from your user documentation can flow through to support your marketing and sales channels.
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Instructional design is considered a methodology in which the systematic development of instructional specifications and theory are applied with quality and strategy in order to promote knowledge and learning.

In simpler terms it is no more than a planned approach on how to develop your instructional or reference materials for your customers or internal stakeholders. Good documentation does not come about by accident and knowing the rights steps to take will lead you on the path of improved communication and customer relationships.

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IDS consultants are experts at developing and improving instructional design methodologies and practices. We work with you to ensure that our methods provide you with the right kind of solution.

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We can analyze your current systems, development practices and products before offering the resources and skills to integrate into your development center. We can provide all the necessary expertise on how to integrate an instructional design methodology for all of your documentation deliverables.

Quality processes within tight project budgets deadlines.

IDS realizes that time and money not always allow for the ideal approach. Our team and staff have become experts at working within your constraints to provide the best possible solutions and quality deliverables.

Insufficient know-how or resources.

We can provide the needed resources or staff, assist in recruitment or consult with you to get you up to speed.

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