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How information from training materials can be integrated into your marketing materials or user documentation
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Technology moves quickly and keeping staff and customers up to date can be a substantial challenge. Developing the right training materials and presentations can help your business keep ahead of competitors.

There are staff resourcing issues to consider when you don't have a dedicated training section within your business to handle such projects. IDS can assist you not only in the development of courseware or training materials, but also with staff or temporary resources to deliver that training out to your customers.

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At IDS you're dealing with (cert IV) qualified training staff that can help you meet your training requirements. We understand your needs and can offer the right kind of solution.

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Talk to one of our training consultants to discuss your requirements. From people for presentations to the development of courseware, we can assist you in the right way.

Outdated training materials that need updating.

IDS are technical documentation experts and we can work with you to bring any existing materials up to date within tight budgets and deadlines.

Communicating difficult to understand concepts to staff or customers.

Our staff are trained engineers that can understand your technology and communicate it effectively to your staff or customers. We can also design and implement usability studies with target customer groups to enhance design and usability of your products.

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