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It can be more cost effective to outsource your documentation deliverables rather than employ staff directly.
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Are you a contractor looking for a different kind of challenge? Take a look at our IDS Contractor Club.

Sometimes projects can be too demanding on a business and its resources. Don't let your project deadlines suffer because you're overwhelmed by your documentation needs.

If you require temporary or contract ICT staff, why not give us a call. We specialize only within the ICT sector and are confident in being able to provide a superior service.

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When dealing with IDS you can rest assured that we are committed to providing you with quality staff that meet your exacting requirements. We understand your needs and can offer the right kind of solution.

Your Needs .. IDS can help..
Not sure where to start?

Talk to one of our staffing consultants to discuss your requirements. From people for a few hours to a few weeks, we can find a solution for your needs.

Need increased capacity?

Utilise our skills in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to establish what additional capacity you need to sustain your business.

Job specific skills you don't have in house.

IDS are project support experts and we pride ourselves in providing people that are highly skilled and know how to be an effective contributor to your business.

Clearing backlogs of documentation.

Our staff can help you meet your deadlines by proving time efficient resources to increase your resources and clear any backlogs that may have built up over time.

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