Technical Documentation for the Building / Construction and Mining Sector

Large scale building or engineering works involve vast volumes of project management, process and quality documentation. Creating and managing those documents effectively can make the difference between keeping on top of project deadlines or falling behind your schedule.

Regardless of project, IDS is your trusted partner in ensuring that all communication and documentation challenges are met on time and in line with government or industry standards.

Technical documentation forms a vital part of your business. Good documentation not only helps you to maximize production efficiency within your organization, but it is also your opportunity to show clients your professionalism and quality in managing projects effectively and on time.

In today's competitive marketplace, effective communication with your customers and staff can make the difference between success and failure.

IDS understands your needs. We are the specialists in technical authoring and communications. To find out more on how we can best help you in streamlining your processes or documentation deliverables, please contact us via email or give one of our consultants a call.


Your Concerns..

We Understand..

  • Project costs
  • Regulatory and Government standards
  • Safety and quality
  • Undocumented processes, procedures, or services
  • Difficult to document operating procedures or project deliverables
  • Regulatory obligations and documentation standards
  • The latest technologies to keep you competitive and at the forefront
  • Business and process analysis inline with project management standards
  • Large scale documentation management





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